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Our Companies

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H. Noble Funeral Directors Ltd.

H. Noble Funeral Directors is the oldest of our companies, established in 1854 by Henry Noble after leaving his fathers funeral and furniture firm in Canterbury aged just 24 years. 

H. Noble Funeral Directors Ltd. continues to provide services to the people of Thanet and beyond as it has done for over 170 years.

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Kent Direct Cremations Ltd.

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Thanet Direct Cremations Ltd.

To meet the every changing needs of the funeral industry a separate funeral company dedicated to the rising uptake of direct funerals was established to better focus on this need. 

Thanet Direct Cremations has the foundations of our knowledge and experience in the funeral trade and the modern perspective and means to provide simple low cost direct cremations to the people of Thanet. 

Following the success of Thanet Direct Cremations and the need to address the growing requirement for Direct Funeral Companies in the UK as it becomes more and more of a normalised and popular choice for a funeral Kent Direct Cremations Ltd. was established to better serve the people of Kent and provide low cost direct cremations to the area. 

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